Saturday, May 28, 2011

El Sombrero - Still Our Go-To Spot

I haven't written about El Sombrero in a long while - not because of some change of allegience, but perhaps because it's become such a staple for us. We go at least once a month, and sometimes once (or twice) a week - more than any other restaurant. The staff have come to know us, and it's a comfortable place with delicious food and great cocktails. My Foodspotting addiction (which our server, Saul, mentioned during our meal tonight) can attest to our frequent visits, and inspires me to try to find something new to eat or drink every time we go.

This time, I went for the Victoria beer they're now carrying, and a Torta (a Mexican sandwich) filled with "al pastor" - aka barbecued pork. Just like that time at Reuben's in Hilo, I failed to anticipate that the sandwich would come with fries - which I (mostly) had to pass on after enjoying a few too many chips before our meal. I've never been disappointed by anything I've tried - from the borrego to the sopitas (which Dan enjoyed tonight) - and they keep surprising us with new items, like the amazing new hibiscus margaritas.

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