Friday, May 16, 2014

Food Truck Friday - Contigo

My first visit to Contigo was long ago, when I believe they first started visiting South Lake Union with their 'Modern Mexican' food truck. Somehow, it wasn't until today that I made it back.

On that first visit, I started with a Pork Carnitas Taco ($2.5), which I recall being good, but not mind-blowingly better than the tacos down at El Tajin.

I also ordered the Sweet Potato and Pecan Gordita - a delicious little fried ravioli of dough, packed with sweet potato goodness. I recall it was like a little bite of Thanksgiving.

My visit to Contigo today was after their 2014 Taco Truck Challenge win.  This time I went for one of their 'Bowls' - a huge portion each of rice, beans and the meat of your choosing.  I went with the Chicken en Mole. ($8.25 + tax).

During my very brief wait, I got a sample of their habanero lemonade, which was excellent and left a burn in your throat (but not mouth).  It was a clear sign that they don't shy away from flavor and heat, which was reiterated when I dug into the rich mole chicken.  Each piece was coated with the sauce, which was more like a dry rub, and filled my mouth with flavor with each bite.  A little spicy, smokey, and just plain good.  The price seemed steep, but the portion is huge, and the service was quick and friendly.

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