Friday, May 9, 2014

Food Truck Friday - Thai-U-Up

I just realized I'm the #6 ranked blog on UrbanSpoon's Seattle Leaderboard, so I figure I should probably get to work putting blog posts together, huh? I guess that explains them inviting me to special events.

As a first attempt to dive back into blogging, and Food Truck Friday (again), I tried out a couple dishes at the provocatively named Thai-U-Up

On my first visit, I couldn't help but try a dish that sounded vaguely Hawaiian and hopefully spicy: Volcano Chicken ($8.75). It seemed only appropriate to order it with at least 4 stars, so I did. Served with two scoops of rice (there's the Hawaiian part!) and on a bed of crisp iceberg lettuce, the Volcano Chicken itself is fried chicken pieces with what I suspect is a rice flour based breading studded with green onion and spices, that yields a super-crispy outside.

Add to that some sweet-spicy glaze and you've got chicken candy - and I ate every last piece. Very sweet and decadent... but surprisingly not very spicy at all. Not noticing much red pepper on it, I grabbed a packet of Sriracha, just in case, though I powered through my chicken candy so quickly I didn't end up using it.

On my return visit, I was in a less decadent mood, so opted for the Cashew Delight with Tofu. Based on my last experience, I asked for 5 stars this go-round. It was a pretty standard, as-expected Cashew dish with veggies and fried tofu, way too much celery (though for me, any celery is too much celery), no spice whatsoever. The interesting surprise of the dish was when I'd finished all the veggies and tofu (except the celery), and found the broth in the bottom of the container, which was rich and had wonderful depth of flavor... so I poured it all over the rice and devoured that, too.

Although they only take cash, which is inconvenient, I'll likely go back to Thai-U-Up the next time I craving some crispy delicious Volcano Chicken... and I'll be sure to grab some hot sauce. Cuz if someone's gonna Thai me up, I wanna feel smacked across the face by the heat.

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