Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hawaii Day 11: The Journey Home

Today we got up, packed the last of our stuff, and headed to the Kona airport for home. At the airport I had some reheated french toast (not worth photographing) for breakfast.

Once we landed in Honolulu, we went looking for the big Stinger Ray's in the main terminal, but discovered it's been closed and is being replaced by a Kona Brewing Company. We were disappointed, but I guess we'll just have to change our tradition a bit. Maybe I'll still be able to get Macadamia Manias at the Brewing company.

They did have a small area set up where you could get a drink, though the mai tai I ordered was a little off. I should have gone with beer.

After our flight back to Seattle, we unloaded our stuff and then headed down to Taco Bell - another of our travel traditions. Whenever we get home late from a flight, we head to Taco Bell and get take out, then devour it with some Coronas.

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