Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hawaii Day 7: Buffet Breakfast, On the Rocks, and Rio's

We started the morning off by hitting the buffet breakfast at the Royal Kona Resort, where we're staying. There weren't as many options as I had hoped for, but I could probably use a lighter breakfast and have a day without pancakes. Plus, we had a coupon.

Later in the afternoon, we stopped in at Huggo's On The Rocks - a restaurant/bar that's right next to the Royal Kona. The view is amazing, and the service and food ain't bad either.

We had some great cocktails (my favorite was a pina colada w/ passion fruit syrup), and shared some ahi sashimi and chicken quesadillas - served in bamboo steamers, like at one of our favorite Hawaiian restaurants in Seattle - Luau.

For dinner, we had planned to try Boston Basil's, but they were packed, couldn't serve wine on the patio, and it was hot, so we kept walking. Instead, we found ourselves at Rio's. They were advertising a $19.95 lobster dinner, which we didn't find out was sold out until we were seated. But the view was great (we had seats outside along the balcony), and the food was enjoyable. I had the shrimp fettuccine alfredo.

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