Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hawaii Day 8: Taro Crepes & Fujimamas

Last time we were in Kona (last October), Dan fell in love with a little place called U-Top-It that he'd read about. They serve taro pancrepes - with just about any topping you could imagine. We knew we'd be back, and today was the day. I must be a creature of habit, because after reviewing the entire menu, I ended up ordering the Hula Girl - which I didn't realize until later was exactly what I ordered last time.

Later, we decided sushi sounded good, and chose Fujimamas. The service was excellent, and we got to dine in a tatami room, seated on pillows on the floor, with a low table.

I had a Blue Buddha (a variation on the Blue Hawaiian), and we were brought an amuse bouche, courtesy of the chef, which was a tasty little corn cake with mushrooms (if memory serves). Sadly, I devoured it before snapping a photo.

For the rest of the meal, we just ordered some sushi rolls, unsure how hungry we really were. The staff were excellent, and were fine with our slow paced approach, checking in every so often to see if we needed anything else. We really enjoyed just taking our time, enjoying the meal one bite at a time.

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