Saturday, January 17, 2009

Breakfast Fruit Plummuffins

Since we almost always make muffins for our weekday breakfasts, our meal planning usually involves figuring out what fruit will be available at the farmers market and deciding what to put in the muffins. We've come to call this 'breakfast fruit'. Some week's, we just put that down on the grocery list, and decide at the market. This week, we went with plums in mind, as Dan had seen them last week.

Thus, this week's 'breakfast fruit' is Italian Plums we bought from Tiny's Organics. We got 6 plums, but I ended up using only 4 for the muffins, so I did what I did last week with the extra apple - cut it into pieces, bagged it, and put it in the freezer. I have a feeling we'll be having Apple-Plum muffins in the coming weeks.

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