Thursday, December 31, 2009

NYE Cuban Sandwiches

For our first New Year's Eve in our new home, Dan & I made Cuban sandwiches for dinner. This is the second year in a row - so I guess we're starting a little tradition of our own. We'd planned to make tostones (fried plantain chips), too, but since we didn't roast the pork shoulder ahead of time, the thawing, marinating, and roasting of it took up a good chunk of the evening, so we opted not to go to the trouble and instead relax and enjoy the sandwiches.

We used the same general recipe/guidelines as last year, using some ham leftover from Bridging The Holidays, and using leftover hoagie rolls we had around (rather than buying new bread and letting them go to waste).

Looking back on 2009, I think I learned a lot about food and myself through this blog, and hopefully it's had value for others as well - whether my writing made someone smile, my pictures made someone hungry, or the recipes I've shared inspired someone to try something new. Looking forward to 2010 I hope to continue reading & writing about food, trying new recipes, and sharing my successes and failures. I'll also aim to write more often, as I've become a little lax the past few months.

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