Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Farmers Market Bounty

I snapped this shot of the trunk of our car tonight after we hit the farmers market, and thought I'd share how our meal planning has adapted in recent weeks. Now that we go to the Columbia City market on Wednesday afternoons (as opposed to the U-District one on Saturdays), we've shifted both the timing and the order of our planning.

We now meet up at the market on Wednesday after work with little more than loose idea of what types of things we should get (some fish, some green veggies, some potatoes) based on what we already have at home and how many meals we'll be making. We let the market guide our choices, based on what's available and looking good. (We put it all in the trunk of the car in a cooler, and usually go out to eat at a restaurant in Columbia City.)

Then on Thursday, Dan takes what we've bought and what we have and comes up with a plan for meals for the week - and we order anything else we need from AmazonFresh. So far, it's working out well and we're enjoying some great fresh produce and local meats and seafood. And hopefully in not too long, we'll be harvesting some of our garden greens and veggies to add to the mix!

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