Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sea Garden

Dan & I met up with Ruth & Paul at Sea Garden Restaurant in the International District tonight for dinner before seeing Jason S's closing night at Theater Off Jackson. Naturally, I forgot my camera but decided to try out using my new cell phone's camera, which worked pretty well - other than not thinking about the orientation before snapping the shots.

As with every other visit to Sea Garden, the service was very good. I did have a little mishap with a cracked tea cup leaking, but Paul graciously offered me his.

Since we didn't end up getting it at Grand Jumbo, we ordered the Mongolian Beef tonight and I was very delighted by how tender it was. It was seriously melt-in-your-mouth good.

We also went for the popular favorite Honey Walnut Prawns, which neither Dan nor I can seem to resist ordering when at Chinese restaurants.

In addition, we had the Almond Fried Chicken and Squid with Chinese Broccoli, both of which were really tasty.

I was worried about ordering the squid - my contribution to the family style meal - given how my last suggestion (salt & pepper duck tongue) went over. But the squid was nearly as tender as the beef, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I suppose when you call your restaurant Sea Garden, you better know how to cook seafood - and they absolutely do. I only wish the broccoli was cut into smaller pieces, as the long, slippery stalks are always a little unwieldy to me.

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