Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kalua Pig Sliders & Albacore Poke

We've been lucky to find the Fishing Vessel St. Jude represented at the Columbia City Farmers Market lately, and this week took advantage of their sashimi grade Albacore.

After thawing, I opened the vacuum pack and was struck by how great the fish smelled... or rather, didn't smell. Good fresh fish doesn't have any "fishy" smell, as that smell is a result of exposure to oxygen that begins to deteriorate the flesh - akin to fruit turning brown or rust forming on metal. The albacore was firm, beautiful in color, and smelled almost sweet, if anything.

When we bought the fish, we decided to make a poke (pronounced po-kay) - a Hawaiian dish consisting of cubed fish and various other items. We've had a lot of variations on tuna poke, as well as octopus (tako) poke, and even a seared beef poke. It's definitely a favorite of both Dan & I in all it's incarnations, and seemed like a good way to use the beautiful albacore.

I cubed the tuna and tossed it with some chopped onion, green onion tops, yellow heirloom tomato, nori seaweed (to replace the usually present ogo), black sea salt, and both sesame oil and tamari soy sauce, then let it rest for awhile in the fridge.

We paired the poke with a couple Kalua pig sliders made from leftovers from the freezer.

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