Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Matador!

We were out running errands in Wallingford today, and decided to swing over to Ballard for lunch. I was starving and getting a little hangry (hungry/angry), so Dan suggested The Matador - knowing I could quickly dig into some chips and salsa and get my blood sugars back up into the normal range.

And to take the edge off a little more, we went for a cocktail each.

A Paloma for Dan...

...and a Cadillac Margarita for me.

Despite being bolstered by chips, I still had a hard time deciding what to order, and ended up getting the same thing as Dan - the Baja Rock Shrimp tacos. I'm glad I did, as the shrimp were tasty and we devoured the tacos and accompanying beans and rice quickly.

The service was a little odd, and our table was situated such that I could hear both the terrible music they were playing in the dining room AND the awesome 80's rock the chefs were playing, which was a little cacophonous in a bad way. I focused my attention on the sound of Steve Perry's voice, the taste of my delicious tacos, the soothing effects of my margarita, and my husband's beautiful face across from me, and all was well again. Hangry episode over.

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