Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thai 65 at The Landing

It's Movie Awards season, which means my film-loving (obsessed?) husband has commandeered our Netflix queue to move all the Golden Globe Nominees and Oscar contenders to the top. It's only fair, given I do the same in October (pushing horror flicks to the top of the queue) - and it's a great way to see a lot of really great films, and enjoy the award shows more, since we actually have opinions about who should win. Another aspect of that is that awards season gets us out to the theater more, and last weekend we decided to check out The Black Swan. A quick check online turned up a theater down in Renton showing it, not far from our place, so we headed there. The film was great, but we were also impressed by The Landing - a little shopping/dining/movie complex that's recently cropped up there in Renton. Notable spots are a Five Guys Burgers and Thai 65 - a favorite of Dan's in the U District.

Tonight, we took date night to The Landing, and to Thai 65.

Dan started off with a Blue Mojito, while I obstained (given my weight loss plan is easily derailed by tasty cocktails). I did, however, try a sip, and it was very good. The Blue Curacao (an orange liqueur) combined with the lime to give a Margarita like flavor, but didn't overshadow the classic lime & mint flavors of the classic Mojito.

Shying away from anything with delicious, creamy (and insanely calorie-rich) coconut milk, I went for a seafood & vegetables stir fry dish called Phad Talay.

It included squid, salmon, shrimp and scallops (all your major seafood S's), all of which were wonderfully cooked, and tossed with carrots, green & red peppers, green beans, mushrooms and more. I went with 3 (out of 4) stars and it had a good kick without being guzzle-your-drink hot, and I could still enjoy the salty-sweet-sour flavors of the sauce.

Dan went for the Garlic Prawns, which he was equally happy with, and we shared a bit of a HUGE portion of rice Dan ordered - leaving about half our food and most of the rice for lunches tomorrow.

This had to be our quickest date night yet, as the service was quick yet courteous, and since we didn't devour the entirety of the huge portions, we finished fairly quickly, too. In and out and completely satisfied in maybe less than a half hour. I can definitely see why Dan enjoys their U-District location, and we'll be returning to The Landing & to Thai 65 (perhaps soon to see The King's Speech).

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