Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pimento Cheese Memories @ Brave Horse Tavern

Dan & I decided to forgo the farmers market today (we're well stocked and really need to burn through some frozen meats), so we skipped ahead to Date Night. Dan met me after work at a restaurant I walk by every day - since it's practically underneath my office: Brave Horse Tavern.

After having a beer and a cider, we decided to order some food - and burgers were on the menu again.

So that I don't backslide too far in my weight loss, I decided to go with the Black Bean and Green Chile burger... then top it with pimento cheese spread and avocado. I'm fairly sure pimento cheese is a southern thing, but I'm sure glad that it's making an appearance in Seattle. I don't think I'd had pimento cheese in 8 years - since a short trip to Lexington, Kentucky for work.

In fact, it was the night I returned from that work trip that Dan & I went to a party together at a friend's house on Queen Anne, and he surprised me with a kiss when we were alone for a moment in the kitchen. The rest, as they say, is history - and eight years later we're enjoying a date night out, before heading back to the home we've made together in Seward Park to check on our chickens and give our cat some love.

Dan ordered the slow cooked pork shoulder sandwich with some fries (that we shared). He made note of how perfect the Dahlia Workshop buns they use are - and I realized I hadn't noticed the bun - which (in my opinion) is just about perfect for a burger. Too often, burgers are put on buns that are bready, dense, and overwhelm the subtleties of a good burger. Tom Douglas' crew knows better - putting their burgers and pulled pork on soft, airy buns that let the toppings shine.

I overheard the folks next to us make a joke that everyone in the restaurant was from the same company - and the blue badges hanging from many a neck (mine included) seemed like a strong testament to that. It definitely seems like it's going to be a great spot for a team lunch or an after work happy-hour. And I'm eager to give the shuffleboard tables a spin.

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