Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beef Fest @ Verve

After our return to the Columbia City Farmers Market today (picking up some tasty food for the near term and some carrot, rhubarb and pea plants for the future), Dan & I had a heck of a time figuring out where to go for Date Night. It was drizzling out, which made picking something quick ideal, but given my follow up treatment Friday, I intended to go somewhere with soup. But somehow, the pull of the Verve burger was too great.

I've been longing to try the Verve Burger ever since our first visit to Verve Wine Bar over a year ago. So much so that I included it on my 'Discover South Seattle: Columbia City' Foodspotting guide, as a reminder. Why it's taken me this long to finally get it on a plate in front of me, I don't know - but tonight I skipped the soup and got a Verve Burger with bleu cheese and avocado that was heaven.

Turning our dinner into a full fledged Beef Fest was Dan's choice for dinner: The Painted Hills Steak. Our server, Heather, was incredibly friendly and (unlike too many places out there) was fully supportive of us ordering our beef rare - apparently also supported by our chef, who prefers his meat rare, too. Both the burger and steak were delicious, flavorful and tender, and paired with great sides. Mine came with roasted fingerling potatoes, while Dan's featured garlic smashed potatoes and eggplant with a demiglace. Dan's plate was clean before I knew it, and mine wasn't far behind.

And what to drink along with pink meat? Pink wine, of course! We had a great Yakima Valley Cabernet Franc Rosé called 'Pink Paintbrush', and we got a bottle cuz the re-corking fee is waived on Wednesdays.

As we walked back to our car, me lugging our 3/4 full bottle of wine, we both noted how great every experience at Verve has been. The food and drinks are excellent, but the friendly staff really make the place. Heather was the component that made our dinner great, just as Dan (the bartender, not either of us) has on visits when we sat at the bar.

I just discovered they've added a lamb burger to the menu, so another visit soon has moved to the top of my Date Night wish list.

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