Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tantalizing Tripe Tacos @ El Paisano

After our drink at Company, we all headed over to Rosticeria y Cocina El Paisano for a bite to eat before hitting the rink.

I decided to get a trio of offal tacos: tripas, lengua, and cabeza (stomach, tongue and brain). Unfortunately, they were out of cabeza, so I went for the birria (pronouncing it horribly). I asked what it was, and not knowing the word, our incredibly friendly hostess (who later serenaded us at our table with her beautiful voice) made the sound of the animal - goat or sheep, it would seem - so I'd know what I was getting into.

Paul and I ended up with our tacos intermingled, and an extra each, so there was plenty to go around and lots of flavors to explore. All my tacos were full of flavor and really delicious. But I found the tripe tacos were the most amazing - melt in your mouth good, in fact - and something I'll be seeking out in the future.

After we had our fill, we all headed over to the Southgate Roller Rink - the same roller skating rink Dan's Mom went to as a girl. It's been revitalized, reopened, and was positively hopping tonight. The crowd is a mix of young and old, seemingly from all walks of life - much like White Center itself. We had a great time going in circles, getting used to having wheels on our feet for the first time in ages. Hopefully, we'll get another chance to relive those middle school memories (and work out apparently neglected muscles in our inner thighs and lower backs) again soon.

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