Friday, June 7, 2013

Food Truck Friday - 314PIE

For today's installment of Food Truck Friday, I tried out a food truck with a logo that caught my nerdy attention while eating at Athena's last week: 314PIE.

Featuring a selection of savory and sweet pies inspired by New Zealand and Australia, 314PIE drew me in by revealing that the numbers 314 - the first three digits of the mathematical concept Pi - spell PIE when viewed in mirror image. 314PIE puts this to good use in their logo. And when you're parking next to buildings full of analysts and software developers, I'm pretty sure that's a selling point.

I tried one of the specials - a Lamb & Potato Pie ($8). Baked & served warm in a 5 inch diameter aluminum pie pan, it had a wonderfully flaky crust that somehow avoided being grainy, despite clearly including whole wheat flour - no easy feat. Inside was an incredibly flavorful mix of lamb, potatoes, carrots and peas. It wasn't overly gooey as some pot pies can be, but was moist and so delicious.

Despite (theoretically) being on a no-sweets anti-binge right now, I decided it was important to try a couple things, so also ordered a Caramel Apple Pie ($4). This was served cool in the same sized pan, but as a single crust pie. It had much more apple flavor than caramel, but I liked the balance that kept it from being cloyingly sweet. My plan to eat a slice and then share the rest quickly disappeared, as did the pie.

Beyond the excellent pies that I've already recommended to coworkers, one of the greatest perks about 314PIE is that there's no waiting. Walk up, order your pies, and by the time you're done paying the pies are in your hands and you're lunch break can be spent eating and relaxing, not waiting in the street for your food. This may well be the genius of their business model, making throughput incredibly high versus other trucks that must prepare food a la minute. That, and their amazing pies. Did I mention the great pies?

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