Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mochiko Chicken & Mochiko the Chicken

Date Night after the farmers market tonight found us at Wabi Sabi - the Sushi Bar in Columbia City. Dan had been doing recon online and discovered they added some more Hawaiian favorites to their menu, so we had to go back.

In order to give all my hens equal attention, I went for another of their namesake dishes: Mochiko Chicken - a Japanese/Hawaiian style breaded fried chicken that I've only ever had at Kona Kitchen (where I recently ate my brown hen's namesake dish).

Besides being a delicious plate of food, Mochiko is also the name of our biggest hen - the big, black Australorp. She's grown faster than her sisters, and already lets out some very grown up clucks. It's the chicken equivalent of her voice changing, I suppose. Teri and Huli are sure to catch up soon, as they're all growing fast. They even get to do some free ranging in the yard (under supervision) these days.

I suppose I better track down some Huli Huli chicken soon - or somebody's gonna get jealous.

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